Auflo Liquid Handling Workstation Series

Auflo Liquid Handling Workstation Series

Liquid handling is one of the essential and fundamental processes in life science experiments, which is also a typical labor-intensive operation. Faced with the exponential growth of pipetting and dispensing needs in terms of complexity and throughput, the automated liquid handling workstation offers incomparable advantages over manual operations in terms of precision, efficiency and ultra-high throughput, which can liberate labor, effectively minimize human errors, and improve the accuracy and reproducibility of experiments. The workstation can also control and trace the process to meet the diversified demands of experimental operations.

Product introduction

  • AuFlo-P1200/1600
  • Auflo-P500
  • Auflo-T9600
  • Auflo-S1200
  • Auflo-D800
  • Auflo-D1200

Liquid Handling Workstation

Auflo-P1200/1600 liquid handling workstation, which is equipped with four or eight independent 1000μL pipetting channels, features adjustable pipetting spacing and pipetting volume independently. Compatible with all kinds of samples, reagents, consumables, and modules, the whole workstation also can be configured freely and integrated according to different application scenarios. With special and powerful robotic arm expansion ability, AuFlo-P1200/1600 supports simultaneous processing of plate handling and pipetting, and can connect and integrate multiple devices to ensure that it fulfills the needs of various complex laboratory automation scenarios.

Product Features

Diversified liquid handling modes backed by professional capability

Allows for whole-plate replication or dispensing, compatible with loading slot, any tube of 96-well plate and 384-well plate or liquid transfer of well plates and well positions, thus realizing "cherry picking".
Accurately perform gradient dilution by row or column.
Plate dispensing for any tube to realize one aspiration with one spray or multiple sprays.
Automatically perform the "pooling" function.

The ability for multiple module integration, free configuration for workspace

Compatible with all kinds of consumables including SBS plates, sample tubes, loading trough, and TIP heads, support multiple application scenarios.
Multiple functional modules can be selected, including modules of temperature control, oscillation, temperature control oscillation, magnetic frame, barcode scanner, etc., which can be integrated and customized on demand.
Mobile carriers support operating platform reconfiguration.
The composed 25 or 40 standard SBS plates can meet various throughput requirements.

Special expansion ability for the robotic arm to support simultaneous processing

According to the different application requirements, a platform can be equipped with up to two robotic arms, including robotic arm for plate grasping and pipetting.
Robotic arms can be upgraded or replaced on site in the lab to meet the needs of current or future applications.
The integrated pipetting robotic arm adopts pressure detection to ensure stability and efficiency.
Intelligent sensing robotic arm equipped with steerable grasper can capture grasp state in real time.

Application scenarios

  • Genomics

  • Proteomics

  • Cell Biology

  • Drug Discovery

  • Synthetic Biology

  • Biobank

  • Analytical Chemistry

Liquid Handling Workstation

Liquid workstation Auflo-P500 is equiped with high precision single-channel pipetting module, with a pipetting range of 2-1000μL. It has the characteristics of small size, easy to use, flexible and fast. This workstation is widely used in the fields of bio-pharmaceutical, life sciences, and clinical diagnostics to continuously optimize experimental reliability and automated uptime, greatly improving efficiency of laboratory.

Product Features

Single-channel pipetting module

Fast and flexible.
Pipetting range 2-1000μL.

Easy to use

Graphic software design.
Easy to set up and use.

Flexible confifiguration for worktable

Compatible with all kinds of SBS plates and sample tubes.
Optional modules such as temperature controller, shaker, etc.

Compact size

No frame design, 490(W)*490(D)*560(H)mm.
Can be placed in biosafety cabinet.

Application scenarios

  • Drug discovery

  • Agricultural breeding

  • Synthetic biology

  • Clinical diagnosis

  • Environmental analysis

Liquid Handling Workstation

The liquid handling workstation Auflo-T9600 is an automatic electric pipette.With a 7 touch screen, it has multiple pipetting modes as well as easy and reliable operation, and is widely used in life science, drug screening, analytical and diagnostic laboratories.

Product Features

Wide Applicability

The 3-tray and 4-tray models are available according to customers' requirements.
It has 6 handling modes: pipetting, dispensing, mixing, 96-well PCR setup, 384-well PCR setup and custom.
There are 3 measuring ranges available, so as to meet the demands for pipetting within the range of 0.5-1000 μL.
There are 3 types of pistons for replacement, and the piston head can be replaced within one minute.


Compatible with suction heads with several specifications.
Compatible with several types of microwell plates conforming to the SBS standards.

Safe and Compact

Compact model, so that more specimens and consumables can be put in limited space, thus improving the work efficiency.
Good safety, so that it can be used in biosafety cabinet or clean bench, thus protecting the health of personnel.

Application scenarios

  • PCR Setup

  • NGS Library construction

  • Compound Library Screening

  • Molecular Breeding Identification

  • Drug Orthogonal Combinations

Automated Sample Transfer Processing System

The system is compatible with 5-30 mL virus sampling tubes and supports 16/96-channel nucleic acid extraction plates. It integrates multiple functions such as barcode identification, sample shaking and mixing, decapping and recapping, and sample transfer. It supports the addition of proteinase K, negative and positive controls and other reagents, completing all sample preparation before nucleic acid extraction with one click.
Meanwhile, it still supports the post-processing functions of adding templates and PCRmix after nucleic acid extraction. It comes with HEPA negative pressure and UV disinfection system. The visual touch screen is easy to operate, and supports docking with the information management system.

Product Features

Smart and efficient

The system can automatically complete sample transferring, and adds reagents such as proteinase K/internal reference/negative and positive controls. The system realizes efficient extraction and post-processing and has multiple functions such as sample oscillation, information scanning and recording, etc.
Transferring 96 samples within 10 -14 minutes.
Completing the addition of template and PCR mix within 14 minutes after the extraction of 96 samples.
The overall success rate is ≥99%. It will not stop due to the abnormality.

Protective safeguard

Samples are loaded in original tube with automatic decapping/recapping. No manual contact with the sample is required.
The system comes with HEPA negative pressure and UV disinfection equipment, effectively guaranteeing laboratory biological protection.
During the operation of the equipment, it supports door-opening alarm and one-click emergency stop function, fully considering personal protection.

Good compatibility

The system is compatible with 5-30 mL conventional virus sampling tube, supporting customization of sampling tubes of other sizes specified by customers.
It supports one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code labels.
It is compatible with 96 deep-well plates, various PCR plates and PCR tubes.
It is compatible with single sample test, wet pooling sample test, 10:1, 20:1 and other pooling sample test modes, and supports 16/96-channel nucleic acid extraction plates.

Information traceability

The system allows users to record and track information over the whole process, monitor operation status in real time, and retain operation logs.
With open API interface, the system supports docking with laboratory information management system, and supports upstream and downstream equipment integration.

Application scenarios

  • Hospitals

  • CDC

  • Third-party testing laboratories

  • Customs

  • Mobile cabin laboratories

  • Others

Multi-channel Liquid Dispenser

The multi-channel liquid dispenser Auflo-D800 can be used for high-precision dispensing of IVD reagents, preparation of pre-loading plates of nucleic acid extraction reagent, PCR setup, ELISA and other complicated scenarios. It is provided with the dual-tray design and the function of single-channel full-plate dispensing, and can also achieve low-loss accurate dispensing of expensive micro-liquids.

Product Features

Wide Applicability

It is suitable for multiple types of consumables: PCR plates, deep well plates, 8-strip tubes, sampling tubes, glass vials, centrifuge tubes, etc. Wide range of dispensing volumes, 1-999 μL (small-volume tube kit), 10-50,000 μL (large-volume tube kit) .

Accurate and High-efficient

Accurate liquid addition, precision of 200μL dispensing volume: CV<2% Quick dispensing, 96-well plate (25μL) <10s; 384-well plate (20μL) <20s Non-contact dispensing.

Friendly Design

Small size and high space utilization rate.
It can be integrated with the film sealer, enzyme labeler, mechanical arm, etc., forming a fully automatic all-in-one.
Simple operation, friendly interface, fast setting and convenient use.

Application scenarios


  • Medium Dispensing

  • Quality Control Solution Dispensing

  • PCR Setup

  • Compound Addition

Multi-channel Liquid Dispenser

Multi-channel liquid dispenser Auflo-D1200 can carry out high-speed automatic dispensing of various types of reagents to improve production efficiency. The equipment is equipped with 12 independent peristaltic pump pipeline kits, which can be used to separately pack 12 different types/volumes of liquids at the same time, flexibly matching various experimental and production needs; The 4-position platform is convenient for placing standard SBS well plates. Through simple settings, continuous liquid separation operation can be realized without stopping the machine, improving production efficiency and helping enterprises significantly reduce production costs..

Product Features

Wide Applicability

It is suitable for various types of consumables: PCR plate, 96/384 orifice plate, deep orifice plate, 8 pipes, etc.
Wide range of dispensing volume: 50-50000 μL.
Each pipeline is controlled by an independent peristaltic pump, and 12 different kinds/volumes of reagents can be dispensed at the same time.

Accurate and High-efficient

Accurate liquid addition, precision of 200μL dispensing volume: CV<2% Quick dispensing, 500 well plates/h.
The platform can accommodate 4 plates, and there is no upper limit for the number of continuous liquid dispensing plates.

Friendly Design

Small size and high space utilization rate.
Simple operation, friendly interface, fast setting and convenient use.

Application scenarios

  • IVD Kit Production

  • Medium Dispensing

  • Quality Control Solution Dispensing

  • Storage Solution Dispensing