Automated Plasmid Extraction System

Automated Plasmid Extraction System

The system can fully satisfy the automation needs for high-quality, standardized and scaled plasmid extraction in the fields of cell therapy, gene therapy, antibody R&D, virus packaging, CGT, etc.

Product introduction

The mini-plasmid extraction system is an automated device for small volume plasmid extraction based on the principle of magnetic bead purification, which can complete the plasmid extraction process of 16 samples in 35 minutes. Combining with MegaRobo's plasmid mini-extraction kits, we offer customers with high-throughput and high-quality plasmid mini-extraction automation solutions.

Product Features

Fast and efficient

Single round of plasmid preparation takes only 35 minutes.


Standardized process, eliminates the need for repeated centrifugation and filling.

Powerful functions

Multiple experimental scenarios can be selected to achieve functions such as mini plasmid extraction, nucleic acid extraction, and protein purification.

Application scenarios

  • Cell Therapy

  • Gene Therapy

  • Antibody R&D

  • Virus Packaging

  • Synthetic Biology