IntellAuto Dispenser Series

With the growing new consumer demand, the craft coffee/tea beverage industry has been rapidly developing and evolving globally. However, the preparation tools and techniques within the stores have remained stuck in the traditional manual stage. Meanwhile, with the increasing operational costs, intensified competition in the franchising industry, immature industry standards, and rapidly changing consumer demands, the transformation and upgrading of stores through automation, digitization, and intelligence by using advanced and innovative production tools is crucial to resolve most of the basic production conflicts and promote the development of the industry.

Value advantages

Focusing on the innovative upgrading of intelligence and automation in coffee/tea beverage stores, especially on rapid quantitative dispensing and food safety, we have constructed the core competitiveness of smart automated craft beverage stores by leveraging "Automation + Intelligent Algorithm + Rapid Liquid Dispensing" . Our ambition is to become a globally leading service provider of innovative productivity tools of the industry. Leveraging our proficiency in life sciences and semiconductors, we offer high-precision, clean, and secure technologies to tackle challenges in beverage standardization, increase efficiency, reduce waste, and guarantee food safety, empowering intelligent upgrades for stores.
Precision Control

Our QuantPro Control System, with intelligent algorithm compensation technology, ensures dispensing precision.
Our patented anti-drip design prevents waste and ensures taste consistency.
Data-driven R&D combines data from thousands of stores and experiments conducted in our laboratory on hundreds of liquid types, ensuring precise optimization.

Full-stack Technology Independent R&D

Utilizing computational fluid dynamics technology, we optimize pump and pipeline design, significantly improving the efficiency and stability of conveyance for liquid materials with different viscosities and containing particles, and reducing potential risks of failures.
Our system software is independently developed, with flexible SDK/API interfaces, and capable of supporting privatized deployment on various platforms.
By fully leveraging Megarobo's modular technology accumulated across different fields, we can quickly access and utilize the corresponding modules, and achieve efficient development.

Food Saftey

Digitally managing material expiration dates ensures food safety.
Fully automated cleaning switches between different detergents for pipeline cleanliness, effectively addressing microbiological concerns.
Complies with global standards such as GB4706, GB4806, NSF.

Improved efficiency

Our fully automated production process achieves a daily production capacity of over 4000 cups per equipment, effectively overcoming peak hour bottlenecks in stores.
We pursue a balanced approach between high-speed and high-precision beverage production, increasing hourly efficiency by over 30%.
With IoT formula management, we can easily launch new products across thousands of stores simultaneously, making product iterations more efficient and eliminating the stress associated with product launches.

IntellAuto Dispenser Series

The solution designed to streamline and standardize beverage making in the foodservice industry. Connected to cash register systems and IoT platforms, it facilitates swifter, more precise, and hygienic beverage production.Furthermore, all production and manufacturing data is seamlessly interconnected with the IoT platform, completing the last leg of store digitization, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of operations through digital transformation.

• Intelligent formula recognition eliminates the need for staff to memorize recipes, massively reducing errors in beverage making.
• Intelligent material distribution algorithms ensure consistency in each beverage, bridging the gap between R&D and production to maintain consistent quality across all stores, and elevating product quality and standardization.
• Real-time menu updates via IoT enable easy and prompt product launches across all stores, increasing efficiency in beverage innovation, and eliminating stressful launch days.
• Smart material distribution system allows for multiple dispensing simultaneously, while ensuring precision and consistency through algorithms, significantly increasing hourly output and breaking hourly production capacity constraints.

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