Biology Platform

As an independently developed, general, intelligent and automated biology laboratory, MEGALAB is focusing on the research of cell gene editing, high-throughput drug screening, synthetic biology, etc. MEGALAB is designed to build the next generation of life sciences infrastructure, to improve the efficiency of life sciences R&D and production and enable industry integration and innovation. In order to combine the automation and biology capabilities, MEGALAB provides a high-quality, automated, informationized and intelligent biology platform called MegaBiotech, which integrates high-throughput screening platform with cell engineering and gene editing platform, stem cell and organoids platform and immunology platform.


High-throughput Screening Platform

High-throughput biological macromolecules screening (antibodies, etc.)

High-throughput small molecule drugs screening

Biological macromolecules orthogenesis

Discovery and transformation of novel biological components

Cell Engineering and Gene Editing Platform

High-throughput monoclonal genotype screening

Gene editing-based disease model construction

Gene therapy

Cell therapy

Stem Cell and Organoids Platform

Stem cell directional differentiation condition screening

Stem cells/organoids based disease model construction

Automated organoids culture platform


Immunology Platform

Screening of novel immune targets

Immunomodulatory drug screening

Discovery of new immune checkpoint pathways

Screening and identification of tumor neoantigens

Industry applications