Automatic Nucleic Acid Testing System

Automatic Nucleic Acid Testing System

The whole process from sample to result is automated. A automatic pathogen testing system can truly realize "sample in-result out" with 11,000 samples/day tested.

Product introduction

Automatic Nucleic Acid Testing System

Our product is a set of automatic nucleic acid testing system that can truly realize "sample in-result out". It integrates an automated sample transfer processing system CDS-600, as well as several nucleic acid extractors, liquid workstations, sealing film machines and qPCR equipment.
The system can realize the automation of the whole process from decapping and sample dispensing, to nucleic acid extraction, PCR system construction, sealing film and qPCR detection. Meanwhile, it has a built-in HEPA filtration system and ultraviolet disinfection system with a transfer window. In addition, strict pre-and post-PCR rooms separation is performed to ensure biological safety and meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

Product Features

Ultra high throughput

The daily detection throughput can reach 11,000 samples, and is compatible with a variety of common domestic and imported kits.

Strict area separation

The system is designed with dual robotic arms in the pre-PCR and post-PCR respectively equipped with negative pressure HEPA filtration. Solid waste are separated from liquid waste, effectively preventing aerosol pollution.

Dispensing integration

The system truly realizes "sample in - result out" through integrating its own high-throughput dispensing system, and loading the samples with the original tube with cover.

One-click start

The software is easy to operate, learn and use currently and the whole process is automated, without the guidance from professional technicians.

Information traceability

The system allows users to record information with laboratory information management system over the whole process and generates results automatically.

Application scenarios

  • Hospital

  • Testing Center

  • CDC

  • Customs

  • Third-party inspection agencies, etc.
    Nucleic acid testing scenario