Synthetic Biology Solutions

Synthetic biology solutions

Synthetic biology is an emerging interdisciplinary subject that allows us to rationally modify and create new biological systems with engineering ideas and methods. By integrating software and hardware, the MEGAROBO automation system can run the engineering cycle of "design-build-test-learn" efficiently, accelerating the R&D and translation of synthetic biology.

Product introduction

Synthetic biology solutions provide full-process solutions from cloning construction, gene editing to product purification, enzyme activity detection, etc.
It can integrate various related modules, e.g. centrifuge, incubator, clone selection module, plate sealer, plate peeler, PCR machine, etc., which can provide a single system solution. And it can also provide multi-system full-process solutions to meet various needs.

Product Features


It can realize the construction of up to thousands of clone.

Wide compatibility

It supports various liquid workstations, clone selection equipment, detection equipment and various auxiliary equipment commonly used in synthetic biology clone construction and enzyme activity detection or product detection.

Application extension

It can be adapted to a variety of application directions, e.g. synthetic biology, molecular biology, structural biology, phage display and other applications.

Good flexibility

It's real dynamic scheduling, not only supports running multiple experiments in parallel, but also adds new experiments at any time.

Application scenarios

  • Molecular Cloning

  • Gene editing

  • DNA assembly