Automation Technology Platform

With the years of experience in life sciences, automation and AI, MEGAROBO has built a mature and stable modular technology platform featuring multi varieties and novel design. The application, collection and combination of these technical modules enable MEGAROBO to quickly and stably develop automation equipment for the production or R&D scenarios to accelerate the progress and improve competitiveness.
MEGAROBO continues to expand the technical modules and strengthen the R&D and upgrade of the modules, in order to meet diverse needs of customers in life sciences, clinical diagnosis, chemistry, materials science, etc.


  • Liquid Handling Module Integrate with variety of high-precision pipetting modules, transferring as low as 1ul of liquid.
  • Powder Sub-packaging and Weighing Module The sub-packaging of powder is combinated of the independently designed powder adding module and the weighing module.
  • Sorting and Storage Module Compatible with feeding and blanking devices like vibration plates, hoists, and cascading material handling devices, as well as a variety of common consumables such as pipes, covers, plates and so on.
  • Sample Labeling Module Integrate label printing, code spraying and multiple labeling modules.
  • Information Identification Module Identify different types of sample tubes, such as single tube, multi tubes and whole plates; support 1D and 2D barcodes scanning.
  • Visual Inspection Module MEGAROBO’s InteVega vision platform implements a variety of fixed or mobile visual recognition tests such as text, label, capping, liquid level, image, etc.
  • Sample Transfer Module A variety of transfer mechanisms and robotic arms supporting various tubes, plates and multi-tube transfer.
  • Capping and Decapping Module Independently developed capping and decapping modules compatible with various common sample tubes, freezing tubes, EP tubes etc. The module can simultaneously cap and decap multiple tubes.
  • Environment Control Module Control the cleanliness, temperature, gas, etc. of the whole or part of the equipment to meet the requirements such as sterility, low temperature, inert gas protection.
  • ......


Multi Varieties

MEGAROBO integrates with dozens of modules to complete the automation of common processes such as pipetting, capping, decapping, code scanning, powder sub-packaging. Meanwhile, MEGAROBO can deploy various QC visual inspection modules and meet the requirements of various environmental controls.

Mature and Stable Performances

MEGAROBO's various modules are widely accepted by customers to ensure the maturity of modules and module matching.

Flexible Collocation

Various modules are flexibly collected and combined to meet various needs in different processes.