Consumable Production

Consumable Production

TIP is a disposable consumable for any application of molecular biology and genetics research. It effectively forms a protective structure between the pipette and the sample to ensure the safety of aspiration and dispensation. In the face of a large number of disposable TIP market demands, automated production equipment can help enterprises effectively reduce the cost of site, raw materials and staff, and improve the stability and production efficiency of TIP production process.

Product introduction

Automatic TIP Assembly System

The automatic TIP assembly system is a box packaging equipment compatible with various specifications of TIPs, which realizes direct docking with the injection molding machine and automatically complete the automated production lines of filter element filling, defect detecting, ion wind cleaning, heat shrinkable packaging, labeling and other processes.

Product Features

Intelligent production

Directly dock the injection molding machine, automatically complete filter filling, defect detecting, ion wind cleaning, heat shrinkable packaging, labeling and other processes, to realize full process automation.

Steady production and efficiency increase

High throughput of single equipment, fastest support injection molding machine with one mold per 8s, ensuring productivity and production efficiency.

Quality control without worry

Intelligent visual inspection, equipped with high-definition CCD camera to automatically identify tip and tail defects of TIP, NG products elitimated and automatic feeding, ensuring the yield rate.

Extension of compatibility: compatible with various sizes of TIPs

Compatible with 32/48/64 and other mold cavities; support for common packing layouts; support the expansion of packaging, packing module; support personalized production customization.

Application scenarios

  • TIP production of 50ul, 200ul, 250ul, 300ul, 1000ul and other specifications