High-Throughput Drug Screening System

High-throughput drug screening system

Based on robotics, automation, software control, liquid handler, detection, data processing and other technologies, the high-throughput drug screening system adopts appropriate experimental techniques to efficiently detect and screen a large number of candidate compound libraries.

Product introduction

High-throughput screening technology is the cornerstone of modern drug discovery and an important link for new drug R&D from experimental research to clinical application. The robotic arm-based automated integrated system is an important part of high-throughput screening, which will greatly improve R&D efficiency, shorten cycle times, and reduce costs and risks.

The fully automatic high-throughput drug screening system provides a full process solution that integrates from preparation to process processing modules to detection equipment. The system can integrate, such as liquid workstation, liquid dispensers, incubators, centrifuges, microplate readers, high-content screening equipment, etc., and is compatible with high-throughput screening from biochemical assay to cell based assay.

Product Features


It can screen up to hundreds of plates and tens of thousands of compounds.

Wide compatibility

It supports various liquid workstations, process processing equipment, detection, etc. commonly used in screening experiments.

Good stability

It can make the whole process unattended to ensure the stability and consistency of data.

High flexibility

It is true dynamic scheduling, not only supports multiple experiments running in parallel operation of multiple experiments, but also adds new experiments at any time.

Application scenarios

  • New drug R&D

  • Drug screening

  • Cell level detection