Comprehensive Cloud Platform

MegaCloud is a comprehensive cloud platform independently developed by MEGAROBO, which provides three core components: IoT SaaS, micro-services, and big data platform to support MEGAROBO's businesses in the fields of life sciences&healthcare, advanced manufacturing and innovative applications. MegaCloud can facilitate applying robotics and automation technologies for our customers. The IoT SaaS platform connects MEGAROBO's hardware (robots, sensors, etc.) with cloud services. The micro-serivce platform, the center of business logic, can help customers quickly implement the solutions in various fields of MEGAROBO. The big data platform enables making data driven decisions.


Technical advantages

Real time

Devices are connected through IoT Hub. Support millions of devices online simultaneously. Device data can be processed and stored in the cloud within milliseconds.


Provide a reliable disaster recovery mechanism and ensure online services with no downtime.


Auto-scaling strategy is implemented to provide a guaranteed SLA.


One-click deployment. The platform can be deployed in public cloud and on-premise.

Three core modules

  • IoT SaaS Platform Hardware products connected to cloud-based business
  • Micro-Services Platform The online microservices cluster is used to help customers quickly implement the solutions in all areas of MEGAROBO.
  • Big Data Platform Mining Big Data Value to Empower Business

IoT SaaS Platform

The IoT platform connects MEGAROBO hardware (robots, sensors, etc.) to cloud services.
Robots and sensors, as devices that accesses the internet, generate logs of data in real time. The real-time data is sent to the cloud through HTTP or MQTT protocol. The IoT platform manages the life cycle of access devices, monitors the online and offline status in real time, and supports live connection of millions of devices. Raw data is uploaded to the cloud and persisted in real time.

  • Registration of IoT devices
  • Reliable data transmission
  • Life cycle mangement for IoT devices
  • Live connection of millions of devices
  • Raw data is uploaded and stored in the cloud in real time


Micro-Services Platform

The micro-service platform is the center of business logic. It processes the streaming data of IoT device, interacts with users by providing front-end applications, and processes business logic.
The elastic scalable cluster adopts the service mesh architecture based on Kubernetes platform, can support concurrency of millions of users, and provide autoscaling capability . The cluster provides a reliable disaster recovery mechanism, ensures online service with zero down time. Our solution supports deployment in major public clouds (such as AWS, Aliyun, and Azure), also supports on-premise deployment. It's built in with best practices in terms of CI/CD and infrastructure as code.

  • Single Sign-On(SSO)
  • Load balancing
  • Auto-scaling
  • Service mesh
  • Serverless
  • SQL and NoSQL
  • Data encryption
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery


Big Data Platform

Big data platform enables us to make data driven decisions. User data, equipment raw data, business domain data and other valuable data are stored in the data platform. The platform supports real-time data processing and batch processing, provides data for BI dashboard, and provides real-time information about users, operations and device status.
In addition, the data can be used to provide features to machine learning algorithms for training machine learning models. The platform can perform model inferencing. Models have been applied to the predictive maintenance of recommended system and equipment.

  • Build an end-to-end machine learning pipeline
  • Data acquisition and feature engineering
  • Large-scale data processing
  • Model development studio
  • Automated deployment model


MEGAROBO factory digital solutions

Based on digitalization and intelligence, relying on IoT, edge computing and other technologies, we have created an industrial solution for integrated IOT platform of connection, computing and data by building the advanced smart factory, decoupling the differentiation of connection links and equipment, implmenting the control and management of people, machines and objects.

Equipment status monitoring

Energy monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Data collection


Analysis of environmental metrics

Safe production

Predictable maintenance

MES interface



Web and mobile apps

Video surveillance

MEGAROBO Synthetic Chemistry Information System

The one-stop synthetic chemistry information platform, built-in with AIoT, can seamlessly connect to MEGAROBO parallel synthesis automation system, complete the closed loop from experimental data collection, analysis, decision-making to execution, and provide the user experience of synthetic chemistry as a service.
Data processing

Experimental data processing

Structured and unstructured data ingestion

Open dataset import

Information retrieval

Search by Structure

Search by Reaction

Search by Similarity

Data governance

User management

Management of data template

Data visualization

Molecule structure editing

Visualization of synthetic path

Data intelligence

Synthetic path prediction

Similarity recommendation