Pre-Packed 96-well Plate Reagent Filling And Sealing System

Fully automatic Filling system for molecular diagnostic reagents

The series products of pre-packed 96-well plate reagent filling and sealing system MRA-LSF-870 are solutions developed for 96-well plates filling, which can realize fully automated steps from feeding, filling, sealing film, packaging, labeling, and blanking.

Product introduction

Pre-Packed 96-Well Plate Reagent Filling And Sealing System

Pre-packed 96-well plate reagent filling and sealing system MRA-LSF-870 adopts 96-channel modular peristaltic pump to meet various filling needs. Quality control measures are carried out through multi-step CCD inspection to improve non-defective products yield. According to the characteristics of the magnetic bead solution, a pre-mixing module is configured to reduce clogging. The system supports visual monitoring and sample traceability.

Product Features

Efficiency and quality

The throughput can reach 2400 pcs/h. Peristaltic pump is automatically calibrated, saving time and effort. Feeding is automatically corrected to ensure the correct position of the well plates. Multi-step QC can detect the liquid volume,film sealing, labeling, etc., and the NG products are separately blanked.

Wide compatibility

The system is compatible with common nucleic acid extraction reagents, e.g. lysis solution, magnetic beads, washing solution, eluent, etc., and equipped with a magnetic bead pre-mixing module to reduce clogging for magnetic bead filling.
The 96-channel modular peristaltic pump supports a variety of filling modes, and can be customized according to needs.

Clean operating environment

Each 96-well plate is cleaned by ion air prior to filling to ensure the cleanliness of the wells. 3.Ultraviolet disinfection with laminar flow hood is used to ensure a class 100 clean operating environment.


Downstream docking can be added as required, e.g. packaging, card loading, labeling and other modules.

Application scenarios

  • Filling and sealing of 96-well plates

  • Filling of nucleic acid extraction kit