Large Volume Reagent Filling System

Fully automatic Filling system for molecular diagnostic reagents

The series products of large volume reagent filling system MRA-LSF-850 are solutions developed for large volume filling, which can realize fully automatic steps such as feeding, filling, closing lid, labeling, unloading, etc.

Product introduction

Large Volume Reagent Filling System

The large volume reagent filling system MRA-LSF-850 is equipped with a large-capacity silo, a multi-channel modular peristaltic pump and a capping module to meet throughput requirements. The system supports visual monitoring and sample traceability.

Product Features

Efficiency and quality

Throughput is up to 8000 pcs/h, with large capacity silo, and can store vertical coils larger than 5000 pcs.

Wide compatibility

Compatible with common 10-mix 1/20-mix 1 sampling tube, and compatible with common biochemical reagents, e.g. sample preservation solution, etc.

Clean operating environment

The feeding area is equipped with FFU to ensure the cleanliness of the silo. Ultraviolet disinfection with laminar flow hood is used to ensure a class 100 clean operating environment.

Application scenarios

  • Large-volume filling

  • Filling of sample preservation solution

  • Filling of ten mix one / twenty mix
    one sampling tube