Lab Automation Platform

MegaFluent is a general laboratory automation platform system independently developed by MEGAROBO. The robotic arms connect various laboratory instruments, and can complete the "sample-in-result-out" fully automatic experiments. Multiple experiments can be going on at the same time. Besides, the system supports adding new experiments when existing one is running. It can also ensure the repeatability. MegaFluent can meet the target of high-throughput, high quality and remote monitoring. It also has the sample information tracking function. It can be applied to biology and chemistry experimental operations, such as pipetting, centrifugation, incubation, vibration and detection. Therefore, MegaFluent can provide various automated solutions for customers in life sciences, clinical diagnosis, chemistry, etc.


Platform features

Diverse Integration Systems

Plate feeding system

Single-robotic arm integrated system

Multi-robotic arm integrated system

Multi-function integrated system

Smart Software Support

Simple and convenient graphical interface

Dynamic scheduling

Great expandability

Real-time monitoring of mobile internet terminal

Comprehensive Integration Capability

Compatible with hundreds of standardized automation equipment

Customized non-standard automation integration modules and equipments to meet customers' personalized requirements

Comprehensive Localization Support

Localization and upgrade of users' existing equipment

Integration and upgrade of users' existing equipment

Timely and professional services with localized technical support