Conventional Reagent Filling System

Fully automatic Filling system for molecular diagnostic reagents

The series products of conventional reagent filling system MRA-LSF-860 PT/FM are solutions developed for FOB tube filling and suitable for antigen filling, which can realize full automation of feeding, filling, sealing film/cover closing, spraying code, and blanking.

Product introduction

Conventional Reagent Filling System

The conventional reagent filling system MRA-LSF-860 is equipped with a large-capacity silo, a multi-channel modular peristaltic pump and a capping module to meet throughput requirements. This system supports visual monitoring and sample traceability. It can be used with MRA-LSF-840 to become an antigen + reagent card production solution.

Product Features

Efficiency and quality

The throughput is up to 8000 pcs/h with a large capacity silo, and can store FOB tubes more than 5000 pcs.

Wide compatibility

Compatible with conventional ear or split FOB tubes and compatible with common biochemical reagent, e.g. antigen test kits, etc.

Clean operating environment

The feeding area is equipped with FFU to ensure the cleanliness of the silo. Ultraviolet disinfection with laminar flow hood is used to ensure a class 100 clean operating environment.


It can be used with MRA-LSF-840 to become an overall solution for antigen + reagent card production.

Application scenarios

  • Biochemical reagent filling

  • Influenza self-test kit production

  • Hepatitis self-test kit production

  • HPV self-test kit production

  • HIV self-test kit production

  • Helicobacter pylori self-test kit production