The MEGAPLATE HANDLER is a tabletop automation solution..

Product introduction


The MEGAPLATE HANDLER is a tabletop automation solution. The system is coordinated and dispatched by the Megaplate Handler software, which integrates multiple devices through a fast and flexible robotic arm to help customersrealize the automation of complex experimental processes such as unattended high-throughput ELISA, flow detection, cell monoclonal tracking, and cell imaging.

Product Features

Flexible and combinable

Safe and flexible robotic arm applied for a variety of devices.
Multiple types of plate storage modules are optional, providing flexible layout configuration.

Fast and reliable

Compatible with lidded and unlidded micro-well plate handling, easy to handle cell plate.
Optional barcode scanner to ensure sample traceable.

Efcient handling

Standard plate storage module with 100 lidded 96-well plates supports higher throughput customization(300 plates).
Minimum plate transferring time of standard Automated Plate Handler is only 10s, effectively improving device utilization.

Rich extensibility

Support integrating 1-2 devices.
Can be upgraded from one-device-integrated to two-devices-integrated.
Can be upgraded from Automated Plate Handler to MegaFluent automated integration platform.

Friendly interface

Based on Megafluent software platform, the interface is friendly and easy to use.

Application scenarios

  • New Drug development

  • cell line construction

  • Synthetic biology

  • animal disease control