In the definition of Industry 4.0, cost reduction, efficiency increase, quality improvement and innovation are the main themes in the field of intelligent manufacturing. Based on the industrial concept of efficient manufacturing and excellent operation, we provide customized lean simulation, advanced manufacturing integration and AI operation platform to help enterprises achieve the strategic goal of digital transformation and upgrading.


Building a digital factory with efficient manufacturing and excellent operations!

Value advantages

In terms of production planning, for new factory construction and existing workshop renovation, three-dimensional factory simulation verification is conducted based on corporate development strategy and foresight to reduce time and cost waste caused by future workshop adjustments; process, logistics, and facility layout are optimized through logistics simulation, optimize planning schemes such as process, logistics, facility layout, and personnel allocation, improve the scientific nature of digital workshop planning, and avoid overinvestment. In terms of production execution, a large number of automation, information and digital technologies are used to empower automated production lines, automated warehousing and material pulling, improving productivity, increasing asset utilization, reducing quality costs, and achieving efficient operations with 3D visualization.
10%-15% Productivity Increase

• Logistics efficiency improvement
• Capacity performance monitoring
• Online remote maintenance
• Real-time efficiency optimization
• Smart energy consumption

10%-20% Quality Cost Reduction

• Digital quality management
• Advanced process control
• Statistical process control
• Data value stream analysis

30%-60% Knowledge and Technology Transformation

• Rapid experimental simulation
• Systematization of process knowledge
• Human-machine collaboration
• Digital teaching and training
• Digital performance

10%-50% Total Downtime Reduction

• Remote detection and control
• Predictive maintenance
• Data driven requirements
• Line flexibility
• Resource flexibility

Customized Lean Simulation

Based on the MBSE (Model-Based Systems Engineering) concept, MEGAROBO has created a standardized software platform integrating modeling, simulation, animation production and optimization evaluation through the development and integration of full-stack technology to provide technology for industrial customers. Leading 3D design simulation service. The platform includes global planning and design, business process simulation, training and teaching and other modules, covering the core elements of the manufacturing industry, and can fully present all production, logistics and factory systems through a simulation model, and complete modeling, simulation, evaluation and optimization, and help customers improve their digital innovation capabilities for future business scenarios.
An Effective Means to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Using 3D technology to simulate and verify planning scheme, it can achieve benefits such as identifying interference, optimizing material delivery routes, shortening the factory construction cycle, and reducing cost investment.

Lean Production Planning for Quality Improvement

Provide dynamic simulation verification and capacity ramp-up plan through process optimization, defect prevention and continuous improvement.

The Value of Higher Return on Investment

On the premise of ensuring that production capacity is reachable, verify ideas earlier, reduce investment risks, utilize production resources efficiently, and avoid huge waste of cost and time.

Advanced Manufacturing Integration

Digital manufacturing center integrating production lines, logistics distribution, and intelligent warehousing
Production Automation

On the basis of realizing production automation, with the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, we will continue to improve the performance of the warehousing, logistics and distribution system and build a digital factory with efficient manufacturing.

Data Automation

Real-time acquisition of production data can be achieved with the help of a factory-wide network platform, and a factory-wide SCADA and other data acquisition systems can be built to improve the monitoring capabilities of all elements of the production process.

Production Digitalization

Based on the five templates of MES, WMS/WCS, QMS, EAM, and IIoT, we build a MOM digital platform to enhance the perception and collaboration capabilities of enterprise production and create a digital factory with excellent operations.

AI Operation Platform

Based on the MBSE concept, MEGAROBO provides customers with customized equipment-level digital twin platforms through the development and integration of full-stack technology. The platform relies on the perception and feedback control path of the virtual-real interaction module, and realizes precise mapping, interactive integration and intelligent feedback control of physical entities and virtual entities based on real data of industrial production activities and intelligent feedback control instructions, serving R&D, design, production and manufacturing, it serves the entire production process including R&D and design, production and manufacturing, intelligent operation and maintenance, operation optimization, and intelligent decision-making, covering production factors such as warehousing, logistics distribution, production lines, intelligent equipment, and laboratories.
Increase Efficiency

With the contribution of three-dimensional virtual and real interaction technology, the digital twin system provides users with an intuitive and convenient all-factor human-computer interaction interface, achieving the effect of achieving the effect of seeing clearly at a glance, and improving the efficiency of organizational collaboration and production.

Cost Reduction

The digital twin system can realize manufacturing equipment-level status awareness and real-time status monitoring, improve fault repair efficiency, realize predictive maintenance with continuous iterative upgrades, and reduce production capacity losses caused by passive production shutdowns, quality abnormalities, local blockages, etc.

Improve Quality

In the process of enterprise operation and maintenance, the digital twin system can integrate the existing MOM subsystem of the enterprise and use AI-level large model data interaction technology to achieve multi-dimensional evaluation from the management to the executive level, intelligently assist decision-making, and improve the manufacturing efficiency and operational quality of the enterprise.


Digital twin systems provide a new asset performance management platform to help your organization optimize the value chain to maintain productivity and innovation, and ultimately become better, faster, more robust decision-makers.