Automatic Semi-preparative Chromatographic Separation System

Automatic Semi-preparative Chromatographic Separation System

Automatic Semi-preparative Chromatographic Separation System is an analytical instrument that is applied in the fields of chemistry, biology, chemical engineering, and food science and technology.

Product introduction

The automatic semi-preparative chromatographic separation system MRA-CMR-500 is highly integrated with automated injection, separation, detection and collection functions, which can realize single-wavelength, multi-wavelength and full-wavelength simultaneous detection, and supports multiple collection modes, such as threshold collection, time collection and slope collection,etc., to meet the needs of milligrams of compounds preparation.

Product Features

Full-featured, easy to operate

Clear structure, concise interface, and wizard-guided operation instructions. With comprehensive functions, flexible interaction, and easy operation, it significantly reduces training costs. The report generation function liberates your hands and enhances work efficiency. The bilingual (Chinese and English) system supports overseas users' operation.

Reliable performance, low maintenance costs

MRA-CMR-500 has extremely low maintenance costs, excellent stability and durability, detectors within dependent intellectual property and innovative use of pulsed xenon light source with long life and no heating, which has a huge advantage over the traditional deuterium tungsten lamp with a life of 2,000 hours.

Automation attributes, which can meet the needs of laboratory automation integration in the future

Automatic injection & automatic fraction collection; while satisfying future automation upgrades: pull-out benchtop, can be integrated into functional islands.

Application scenarios

  • Separation of natural products

  • Organic synthesis product separation and purification

  • Analysis of fine chemicals

  • Screening of new drug compounds