Mobile Cabin PCR Laboratory

Mobile Cabin PCR Laboratory

The Mobile Cabin PCR Laboratory is a gene amplification laboratory specially used to test novel coronavirus. It can detect whether some infected people with low-virus content are positive by amplifying the genes contained in the virus. In order to meet the demand of flexible and rapid detection during the epidemic, MEGAROBO launched a mobile cabin based on the self-developed viral nucleic acid testing product line.

Product introduction

Mobile Cabin PCR Laboratory

The Mobile Cabin PCR Laboratory MRA-PTM-600 is a compact and efficient laboratory with an area of 30 m2. It can realize one-stop nucleic acid detection, with 10,000 single tubes per day, and be available for 10:1 and 20:1 pooling sample test.
It can realize on-site sampling and testing, and indeed meet the outbreak demand of nucleic acid detection.

Product Features


The integrated mobile nucleic acid detection laboratory can perform multiple integration and incorporate optimized management of information-based processes.
It is suitable for ports, isolation observation sites, medical institutions, etc.

Easy for application

It is modularized and integrated, and can be put into use with simple construction of water and electricity connection.
It is composed of multiple standardized modules, easy to assemble, disassemble and transport to meet the needs of different regions and laboratories.

Highly integrated

It highly integrates water, electricity, and HVAC equipment, and is equipped with instruments required for experiments. It meets the high standards of a medical laboratory per BSL-2.

Application scenarios

  • Large-scale nucleic acid testing