Organoid kit / Medium / Reagent

Organoid Kit / Medium / Reagent

Organoids are 3D tissue-like structures formed by in vitro 3D culture of adult stem cells (ASC) or pluripotent stem cells (PSC). They can simulate real organs in both structure and function, hence also known as "mini-organs". Analyzing organoid formation can deepen our understanding of human development and tissue/organ regeneration mechanisms. In addition, organoids provide a powerful platform for disease modelling and drug screening.

Product introduction

Our products include various organoid culture systems such as heart, brain and intestine, as well as the corresponding reagents and consumables. They exhibit highly similar histological characteristics to their corresponding human organs and can partially reproduce the physiological functions of the organs.

Product Features

Clear composition, small batch differences

Basic culture medium without serum

No antibiotics added to avoid adverse effects on differentiation


Type  Cat.No  Product Name Size
Organoid Culture Kit MG-PSC-CO-24 Kit for differentiation of cardiac organoid from PSC 1 kit
BRAIN-50 Kit for differentiation of cerebral organoid from PSC 1 kit
MG-PSC-IO Kit for differentiation of intestinal organoid from PSC 1 kit
Supplement B-27-10mL B-27 Supplement 10 mL
B-27-minus VA-10mL B-27 Supplement minus Vitamin A 10 mL
B-27-minus Insulin-10mL B-27 Supplement minus Insulin 10 mL
N-2-5mL N-2 Supplement 5 mL
Consumable 96U-1 96 well Ultra-Low Attachment Plate U Shape Bottom with Lid 24 plates/box
Culture medium HAIR-250mL Serum Free Hair Follicle stem cell Expansion medium 250 mL
INTEST-200mL Intestinal Organoid Culture medium  200 mL

Application scenarios

  • Disease modelling

  • Drug efficacy testing

  • Molecular diagnosis

  • Precision medicine

MEGALAB uses automation technology to standardize the cultivation and screening of organoids, which greatly improves the repeatability of organoid culture. Learn more