Extragel Matrix

Extragel Matrix

Extragel refers to a substrate membrane matrix extracted from mouse tumors, mainly composed of laminin I, collagen IV, heparan sulfate proteoglycans, etc. It is an important biological reagent for simulating the real growth environment of cells in vitro. Extragel also contains various growth factors such as epidermal growth factor EGF, platelet-derived growth factor PDGF, nerve growth factor NGF, basic fibroblast growth factor FGF-2, transforming growth factor TGF-beta, and insulin-like growth factor ILGF, etc.

Product introduction

MEGAROBO Biosictech Extragel Matrix is a type of extracellular matrix protein derived from mouse tumor tissues. At a temperature of 37℃, it can be polymerized to form a 3D matrix with biological activity that simulates the structure, composition, physical properties, and functions of the basement membrane of cells in vivo. It provides a nutritional environment and 3D scaffold for in vitro cell culture, which is conducive to the growth and differentiation of cells in vitro.

Product Features

Independent R&D for downstream development

Extragel is a product that has been independently researched and developed by MEGAROBO Biosictech and is used in 3D organoid culture applications.

Stringent quality inspection

The product has undergone rigorous quality control measures and has been tested negative for LDEV contamination, fungi, bacteria, and mycoplasma.

Ample productivity

The production capacity of Extragel is high and can reach up to 40L in a single batch, with stable performance across different batches, which ensures a reliable supply.

Low endotoxin

The endotoxin level of Extragel is ≤4 EU/mL, which has low toxicity to cells and is suitable for use in various biological applications.


Type Product Name Cat.No Size
Extragel Matrix OM-1-ph 5mL/10mL
Phenol red-free
Extragel Matrix, Phenol Red-Free OM-1 5mL/10mL
Extragel Matrix, Reduced Growth Factor OM-3-ph 5mL/10mL
GFR & Phenol red-free
Extragel Matrix, Reduced Growth Factor, Phenol Red-Free OM-3 5mL/10mL
Extragel Matrix, High Concentration OM-2-ph 5mL/10mL
Phenol red-free
Extragel Matrix, High Concentration, Phenol Red-Free OM-2 5mL/10mL
Extragel Matrix, High Concentration, Reduced Growth Factor OM-5-ph 5mL/10mL
GFR & Phenol red-free
Extragel Matrix, High Concentration, Reduced Growth Factor, Phenol Red-Free OM-5 5mL/10mL
Extragel Matrix, hESC-Qualified OM-4-ph 5mL/10mL
GFR, Phenol red-free
Extragel Matrix, hESC-Qualified, Phenol Red-Free OM-4 5mL/10mL
Extragel for Organoid
Phenol red-free
Organoid Extragel Matrix OM-1-O 5mL/10mL

Application scenarios

  • Cell growth and differentiation

  • Metabolism and toxicity

  • Cell invasion assay

  • Angiogenesis assay

  • Organoid culture

  • In vivo xenograft generation