TV Whole Internal Visual Inspection Equipment

TV whole internal visual inspection equipment

TV whole internal visual inspection equipment independently developed by MEGAROBO is mainly used for LED TV internal process cosmetic inspection. The main function is to inspect all kinds of defects in the assembly process of LED TV: missing screws; missing, warped or skewed adhesive paper; missed and non-inserted terminals and disconnected wiring; position of magnetic ring and wiring, etc. It can automatically inspect and alarm, and upload production information with MES system to facilitate subsequent traceability. It can be widely used in mobile phones, car and large-size TV panel production lines.


  • 01

    High efficiency

    Array camera high speed + 3D line laser.

  • 02

    Strong learning ability

    Image classification based on deep learning.

  • 03

    Strong fusion

    AI-based image registration + image fusion technology. 

  • 04

    User-friendly interface

    SPC system
    Clearly display the defects and statistical information. 
    Streamline the software setting interface.