AKKON AOI Equipment

AKKON AOI Equipment

AKKON AOI Equipment is specifically designed to inspect the CELL Bonding defects. Based on InteVega, the product adopts modular design, which is applicable to all display panel products including single side, both sides and three sides. The inspection items include bonding shift, Akkon Count, Akkon distribute, bonding particle, bonding corrosion holes, bubbles, crack or broken in the bonding area, and support the dimple filtering function.


  • 01

    High scanning speed

    Scanning speed up to 60 mm/s.

  • 02

    User-friendly interface

    Based on InteVega, supporting one-button model change and mass parallel testing after parameter finetune.

  • 03

    High accuracy

    0.7 μm resolution
    The application of AI technology significantly improves the efficiency, including boosting the location recognition accuracy of particle, enhancing the dimple filtering effect and the crack detection effect in the bonding area.

  • 04

    High compatibility

    Compatible with multiple types of products: single side, both sides and three sides, etc.
    Compatible with multi-size products: 5 ~ 17.6 inches (110.7 * 62.3 ~ 389.6 * 219.2mm) .