New Energy

New Energy

New Energy is oriented to the industrial manufacturing and provides integrated solutions for intelligent manufacturing integrating industrial automation, digitization, informatization and intelligence, to provide professional lithium battery module \ pack production line automation, AOI detection and other equipment and overall solutions.


01.Senior R&D team

The R&D and project team of the New Energy mainly focus on the development of new energy related products, and the core team has over ten years of senior industry experience.

02.Extensive project delivery experience

We have successfully delivered over ten production line projects and have accumulated strong practical experience and technical strength in lithium battery manufacturing processes, laser welding processes, automation equipment research and AOI visual inspection technology, and large-scale production line project delivery.

03.Leading industrial technology advantages

Combining the optimization and overall improvement of core technology produtcs such as motion control , AI algorithms, and digital factories accumulated by MEGAROBO in various industries, we truly achieve a turnkey project that helps customers achieve intelligence, digitization and information.