Mobile Phone Frame AOI

Mobile phone frame AOI

Mobile phone frame AOI is applicable to the cosmetic defect inspection of mobile phone middle frame. It has the ability of macro and micro defect inspection, and can inspect the cosmetic defects such as press mark, bruise, scratch, film explosion, pitting, dirt and phantom scratch on the surface of the middle frame. It is the basic inspection equipment for mobile phone module factory to improve the process yield.


  • 01

    Mature deep learning application

    AI-based image registration + image fusion technology.
    Reducing overkill with a classification-based model.

  • 02

    Friendly SPC system interface

    Clearly display the defects and statistical information.
    Streamline the software setting interface.

  • 03

    Excellent performance of imaging system

    Multi-angle imaging system, camera angle adjustable, efficient defect inspection system.
    Real-time follow focusing system is innovatively developed.
    Image acquisition and defocus analysis are synchronized to ensure that the image is always in focus.