Automation Wafer AOI Equipment

Automation wafer AOI equipment

Automatic wafer AOI equipment is applicable to the appearance of defect detection of patterned wafers. It is able to detect macro and micro defects, or systematic and random defects on the wafer surface. It is the basic inspection equipment for semiconductor packaging plants to manage product yield.


  • 01

    High throughput

    Up to 30 WPH for 12" wafer.

  • 02

    Strong compatibility

    Compatible with 8" and 12" patterned wafers, and could be used to detect defects on Bare Wafer, Framed Wafer, and Reconstructed Wafer.

  • 03

    High accuracy

    Defecting detection down to 1.5x1.5μm2 with both low false positive rate and low false negatives rate, and high inspection repeatability.

  • 04

    Software extensions support

    It supports the import and export of wafer maps in various formats and can remotely realize equipment monitoring, operation and maintenance with SECS/GEM interface protocol.

  • 05

    Versatile functions

    It has automatic equipment front-end module (EFEM), which is compatible with FOUP and Open Cassette. It applies bright field, dark field, or mixed imaging mode to detect surface defects, or inspect probe mark and chipping, etc. It offers online and offline double-checking functions.

  • 06

    Application of AI technology

    Integrating the applications of InteVega, and the high-performance AI defect analysis system with independent intellectual property rights, it can effectively improve the defect detection rate, defect classification accuracy and efficiency. The defect classification accuracy rate is above 98%.