Display Module Dispenser Equipment

Display Module Dispenser Equipment

Automation dispenser equipment, independently developed by MEGAROBO, includes dispenser operation control software, vsion alignment image software, and 2D/3D inspection system. It is mainly used for LCD 3-in-1 dispenser of LCD panel, flexible OLED bonding dispenser and shaped curved surface 3D guide dispenser. Gluing items include conductive silver glue, FPC protective glue, line surface tuffy glue, silicone glue, UV glue, circuit protective glue and other different types of glue. It can realize the functions of gluing non-contact coating in the bending protection area of the flexible display panel, side spraying shading gluing on the light guide plate of the panel, profiled and 3D curved surface path guidance precision dispensing, etc. It supports the cosmetic, dimension measurement, glue shortage, glue overflow, UV transparent glue bubble inspection and 3D thickness inspection of products after gluing, and can be widely used in mobile phone, car and large-size TV panel production lines.


  • 01

    High compatibility

    Compatible with multi-type products: LCD, OLED panel; and compatible with multi-size products: 3 inch-75 inch.

  • 02

    Efficient and reliable

    Gluing and gluing inspection are running in parallel; highly reliable glue supply system.

  • 03

    Repetition accuracy

    Special vision system to achieve high-precision positioning and control of gluing position accuracy: XY<0.05mm (difference≤100μm); center glue height: H+10%mm.

  • 04

    Flexible and editable function configuration

    Dispenser recipe is up to 999, and the glue speed, time and amount can be configured and edited, with continuous compensation for points, lines, surfaces, arcs, circles and irregular curves.

  • 05

    Applicable to customized needs

    Modular design can meet the different needs of customers and has automation functions such as automation weighing and correction, automation identification and alignment, automation correction of nozzle (needle), automation cleaning of nozzle (glue needle), etc.