Six-Sided Appearance Inspection Equipment

Six-Sided Optical inspection

The six-sided appearance inspection equipment developed by MEGAROBO is an AOI equipment designed to inspect various defects on semiconductor packing. Based on the InteVega vision platform, the product adopts modular design and can inspect various packing, including appearance defects such as mixing, missing parts, foreign matters, overflowing glue, bubbles, scratches, copper exposure, pin deformation, etc.


  • 01


    Up to 12,000 pcs/min.

  • 02

    Easy to operate

    Smart and digital interface with user-friendly design.

  • 03

    Good compatibility

    Available for resistance, capacitor, inductor, LED, magnetic ring, semiconductor chip detection and 0.6x0.3x0.2mm product detection for minimum size.

  • 04

    High accuracy

    Defect judgment is made based on InteVega vision platform, and more than 100 kinds of defects can be inspected, with detection accuracy <10μm.

  • 05

    Stable and reliable

    High-precision servo, high-frequency solenoid valve (<2ms response speed, >5billion times of service life), high-performance optical glass turntable.