We have a professional R&D center for automation, motion control, machine vision, deep learning, and semiconductor dicing process application technology, and have gathered a group of senior professionals and R&D experts in related fields; we have adopted a scientific and effective ERP modern enterprise management model, and successfully built a complete production line for semiconductor equipment and a professional class 10,000 purification laboratory; we provide customers with stable, reliable and efficient semiconductor test equipment and manufacturing equipment.


01.High throughput

New technology application and workflow optimization to achieve high throughput of material manufacturing or testing, helping enterprises to improve production efficiency.

02.High configuration

Precision machinery combined with intelligent control guidance to achieve accurate and repeatable positioning and improve product yields.

03.Intelligent interconnection

Equipment can be networked based on SECS/GEM protocol to realize remote centralized operation and maintenance of equipment and promote smart factory upgrade.

04.Fast delivery

Based on the reusable intelligent control, machine vision and deep learning functions of InteVega platform to achieve rapid delivery of brands.